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Friday, July 23, 2010

Loco for Louis Vuitton??


First piece is the LV Mens Briefcase. PERFECT Condition. Comes with the original receipt. Retails for $1,780.00 Uptowns price $1,200.00. Next is the 07 Agenda De Bureau Handbag. Also has the original receipt. It retails for $883.00. Uptowns price $420.00. Large Duffle/Overnight Bag. It is in immaculate shape. (Has original reciept)Retails for $1356.00. Uptowns price $1,100.00.

Photo Holder and KeyHolder. Both in Mint Condition. The key holder retails for $185.00. Uptowns price $100.00. The Photo Holder retails for $150.00 Uptowns price $68.00.
Last but certainly not least, the Cosmetic Bag and Card Holder. The Cosmetic bag retails for $225.00. Uptowns price $150.00. The Card Holder retails for $185.00. Uptowns price$125.00. Come to the South Windsor Store today and get your first Louis Vuitton or add to your collection!!!

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  1. amazing i will contact some of my customers for you and send them over.