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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cute Shoes...! Oh, they're Michael Kors & I got them at Uptown!

Doesn't everyone just love Michael Kors these days? His styles are fresh, fun and just all around hot! We love getting in just about anything by him, but here are some of the shoes by Michael Kors that we've gotten in at the Southington Location. Give us a call at (860) 620-1266, let us know which ones you want. If they haven't flown off the shelves yet, then we'll put them on hold for you till the end of the next business day. We also have several Michael Kors handbags, and tons of clothing as well. Stop by the Southington store soon to check out the great items we have!

Brown & Tan MK Heels, Size 9. Uptown Price $78. Black Patent MK Heels, Size 9. Uptown Price $78.
Both these babies are not good for people who are afraid of heights, because they are TALL!!
Tan MK Sneakers, Size 8.5. Uptown Price $24. Gold MK Wedges, Size 9.5 Uptown Price $58.
Champagne MK Loafers, Size 6.5. Uptown Price on sale for $14. Brown Suede MK Moccosins, Size 6. Uptown Price on sale for $19.

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