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Sunday, February 9, 2014

55% on Home Decor for the month of February

Uptown will pay you 55% on Home Decor for the month of February

Need a change but worried about the cost? February is Home Decor month at Uptown. Bring in your like new current style home decor items and receive 55% of the selling price. Use the money in your account to purchase new items and get a 10% store credit bonus.

Examples of Home Decor accepted:
Lamps ( include bulbs to be tested), pictures, glassware (groups of at least four please), decorative bowls, candle holders, candles, decorative pillows, vases, bookends, decorative containers, platters, statues, floral arrangements, accent furniture, decorative boxes, crystal, china, statues, frames, baskets, coffee table books and more...
Sorry we do not accept bedding unless it is new in the original packaging

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