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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Many Exciting Things @ Uptown!!

Hello all you thrifty, stylin, savers! The dollar sale may be over, but there's still plenty of ways to save a buck and look fantastic!! We have some beautiful apparel items on our $10 specialty rack. Now at our Rocky Hill Store, buy one of our selected specialty items for $10 and get the 2nd for $5! So go ahead and get those gorgeous dress pants to match the blazer! Also, be sure to bring in some of those spring clothes hanging up that you just don't wear. If they're in good shape, we just know someone out there wants them! You get 40% of the sales price or 55% on our premier labels located on our homepage:) Not only that, but if you use that credit towards a purchase, you save an additional percentage off of your store credit! So why not make some money AND make someone happy?You just can't go wrong at Uptown.

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