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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year - New Ways to Save!!

Hi everyone!

Today we're closed with the icy roads being dangerous too travel. Take this opportunity to clean out that closet. I'm sure there are mint condition items in there that you NEVER wear! (We all have 'em!)

With that being said, here's some BIG NEWS!!!

All new this week at the Southington location, we'll begin our "Item of the Week" Promotion! Each week, one of our big names will be featured and you'll recieve a discount on that name when your purchase is made at the register!! Check out some of these items at the front of the store when you come in!

This week we're featuring ...

All Hollister items will be an additional 10% off for this week only! Come on in and pick up some sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jeans highlighting your fave name! At the front, browse through some featured junior and men's tops. Other's can be found throughout the store! Just one more reason to love us here at Uptown!

Also, remember to put in a vote for us at the hartford advocate. Just check out their website at and click on the "Vote Here" box!

We appreciate your support!!

Happy shopping everyone!!!

Be safe out there:)

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